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Unity Sand Ceremony • Ideas for San Diego Beach Wedding • Elope in San Diego
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For couples who are seeking creative, classy and fun ways to add meaning to their San Diego wedding ceremony, our handcrafted Unity Sand ceremony jar is the perfect choice to symbolize the blending of your lives. The heart of this symbolic ceremony is that you are joining your two separate lives together, and embarking on a new journey as one.

Although the wedding ceremony will remain fundamentally the same from year to year, the actual content of the ceremony, its symbolism, and celebration can shift like the tides. There are many traditions that have been done throughout time and space to symbolize unity and the joining of two people in marriage. Forget the traditional Unity Candle — too windy for a flame — the Unity Sand Ceremony is by far the best option for your San Diego beach wedding

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The Unity Sand Ceremony will symbolize both you as individuals and as a couple and something that will be truly meaningful to your relationship and marriage as you move forward from your wedding day. The act of pouring the sand together offers some awesome photo opps, and the decorative jar with the blended sand is your forever keepsake. It even includes a lid for travel!

Each Unity Sand Ceremony jar is handcrafted with love by our family, and are included in our San Diego Sweethearts elopement package, and our San Diego Bliss, San Diego Romance and California Dreamin' full-service Classic wedding packages.

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